Cherupushpa Mission League: Mandya Diocese

CML in Eparchy of Mandya  has been flourishing under the leader ship of Director Fr. Saji Pariyappanal, and Joint Director Fr. Benny Asharikunnel.

Catechism  children  who  had  received  Holy Communion  are  members of the mission league. As young kids under the process of faith formation,

CML is a platform to practice what they learn in religious education classes and so.


Present Office Bearers                               

              Director                                                                    Joint- Director                                                              Vice-Director


Rev. Fr. Saji Pariyappanal                                       Rev. Fr. Benny Asharikunnel                                        Rev Sr. Anila Kanjirathinkal SKD

    Mob : 7090175555                                                   Mob : 9447456464                                                              Mob : 9538209101


        President                                        Vice president                                           Secretary                                        Joint- Secretary


Mr. Joshi George                                  Mrs. Joma Tomy                                   Mr. Jomin Philip Kunnathettu               Mrs. Sheeba Peter

Mob : 9880787199                              Mob : 9663662192                                       Mob : 9986770356                         Mob : 9986117945


                                               General Organizer                                              Media Year  Coordinator


                                                          Mr. Jaison Mathew                                                              Mr. Jayson Pappachan                      

                                                         Mob : 9902696008                                                                Mob : 90080 28905  


                                                                          Forane Co-ordinators

      Hinkal                            Dharmaram                             Mathikere                                   Hongasandra                         Sulthanpalaya


Mrs. Jessy Clement            Mr. Joseph Augustine                Ms. Ria Franco                            Mr. Shaju James                     Ms Ann Mary George   

Mob :  9844623832               Mob 9447763524                Mob : 9844015396                         Mob : 8550054443                    Mob : 9538444698